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Everything you need to know to become great Canadian independent escorts

Being Canadian private girls escorts is an option that many women in Canada have considered at some point, many more than you can imagine. But most of them only think about it, and between their fears or prejudices, they decide not to do it.
The agencies receive approximately 30 weekly calls from girls who want information on starting this lucrative business. Still, only 2 or 3 out of 10 take the final step by starting as escorts, of which more than half only do it for a couple of months and retire when they have made enough money.
When you work on this and begin to meet your partners, you are surprised to see the different types of women who become escorts. The escorts are not addicted to drugs or sex; they rarely suffer abuse or women in conflict; they are women with enough decision and self-confidence who choose this profession for many different reasons.
The first thing that a Canadian girl should ask herself is if she is ready for this job. Many women appear to be very self-confident, open-minded, and liberal who, after doing the job once or twice, decide that they cannot continue because they are not ready for this.
It is also well known that extremely shy or reserved girls are successful quickly; they enjoy the work and are happy to be Canadian independent escorts.

You have to be clear about why you want to be an escort

Nobody can decide for the girl, and there is no vocational test that can evaluate if she is ready to be an escort. A young woman can take a cool look at things, imagine herself in the different situations that this entails, and think about how she would react to that.
Asking why you want to be an escort is the first and most important question, and no one can answer it for the girl. Surely the first answer that comes to your mind is because you want to earn money. It is logical, you are choosing a profession, a job, like all those who work, they do it to earn money, and in your case, you are going to provide a service that implies a great effort and deserves good pay.
But also, just like in any other profession, she has to be sure that what makes her want to be an escort is a strong enough motivation to keep her inspired, determined and firm to set a goal and fulfill it by doing this job.
There is no right, correct, or ideal answer to this question, but it is important to keep in mind that one of the worst answers is out of curiosity. Out of curiosity, you eat chocolate you haven't tried or see a page of daring things but don't choose a profession like this just out of curiosity, even if it's just for a few days.

A fully transparent service

It would help if you were clear that customers always have certain expectations about what you will offer them. Not all Canadian call girls services offer the same pleasures, but there are several things that any client expects, some things are optional, and there will be some that they are not willing to do and the client must know.
You must be clear that the client may require sex, but it is known that sex can be done in many ways, and that is why Canadian escort girls must offer a list of the most common services.
To attract more clients by offering your services will influence what kind of pleasures you are willing to include, as a base or at an extra cost, and what you are not willing to do. In the same way, its good performance in the service will influence it to have a greater number of recurring clients. It isn't easy to anticipate how much money she can get because each escort has a very particular situation, depending on the city where she offers her services.
Another important point to take into account is security. Her safety is an issue that should be taken seriously. Being an escort involves risks; there are legal risks, meeting abusive clients, and disease transmission in some places.
The legal risk is not common in all countries; in Canada, in one way or another, it allows the exercise of this profession, but in some of the places where it is legally prohibited, there are some ways to avoid having a problem with this type.
Finding abusive clients is not as common as you might imagine. However, to avoid these problems, the first thing a Canadian private girls escorts should do is remember that she is offering a service, if she is clear about what she is offering from the beginning and complies with providing a good service to her clients, according to to the expectations that she provoked, she would hardly find herself in an uncomfortable situation.

Service with all the precautions

Illness is the biggest concern of most Canadian independent escorts. The bottom line is that you never allow penetration without a condom, no matter how good-looking the client is, how often you meet her, or even if you have any personal references to him.
The condom is not optional, oral sex can also be done with a condom, and only the escort can decide otherwise. It is important to be alert and attentive to obvious marks such as herpes, pimples, or some irritation in your client's mouth; when you find something that worries you, do not give the service with kisses or do not accept oral sex for yourself.
There are risks, as in all activities that are done daily, but it is perfectly possible to avoid risks. It is only important, and it is necessary always to be alert and get the necessary tools.

A service depending on your capacity

The number of clients to serve daily is the escort girl's decision. You will be surprised to find that you can get more than 10 clients with a good strategy every day. But it is not about serving all the clients you can get; remember that you are working with your body and your body requires care and recovery. Also, consider that if you provide a sold-out service, you will most likely have a dissatisfied customer and that at some point will affect your ability to get and keep customers.
Most serve 3 or 4 clients per day. You will know your capacity and make decisions; remember that only you define your availability to your clients. The important thing is to foresee what you want to do before confirming the Canadian call girls services, take it easy, get to know yourself little by little, and always try to keep a limit that allows you to continue enjoying sex to provide a good service to your customers.